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  • Nourishing the Body, Heart and Mind ~ Redgum Dwellingup Yoga and Meditation Retreat ~ 31 August to 3 September 2018  ~


    Retreat away from the demands of busy life, and give yourself the time and space for a long weekend of movement practices, meditations, and healthy meals that are weaved together to nourish the body, heart and mind.

    Nourish Mind – Practice slowing down, unplugging and training in attentional skills to give the mind space to relax, focus and rest in its own peaceful nature.

    Nourish Heart – Learn and practice meditations that open the heart, and counter the distortions in our relationships to ourselves, and deepen our relationships to others.

    Nourish Body – The body responds well to the mindful, whole body integrated movement of yoga practice.  Each practice will aim to assist the body in releasing tension and building strength.  Delicious healthy meals will be prepared for you.

    The aim of the retreat is such that one can reenter the world recharged, refreshed and renewed, ready to face the challenges of the world from a relaxed, grounded, and mindful basis.

    Nestled amongst the fruit orchard, in the natural beauty of Dwellingup this retreat will be offered by Jude and Rob Milan.  We are once again fortunate to also have Jo Farina, qualified food coach, cooking delicious, nutritious meals.


    Dwellingup is a quaint town in carved into the surrounding jarrah forest, home to some of the icon Western Australia animals such as the blue wren and chuddich.


    Our venue is a custom build rammed earth and timber space, set amongst a fruit orchard, with huge windows look out over this rejuvenating scene.  This peaceful setting is conducive and supportive for a weekend of yoga, structured learning, meditation and delicious, nutritious vegetarian food.  This long weekend is sure to leave you feeling nourished in body and mind.

    The rammed earth twin share rooms are comfortable and neat, each with an ensuite.

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    Our schedule will include morning hatha yoga and meditation, afternoon yin and relaxation, and evening meditations.   During the day you are free to relax, read a book, or go for a walk.  Weather permitting, we will go for a group walk along the Bibbulmun track – keeping an eye out for the beautiful wrens!

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    Hatha Yoga

    Our morning asana, pranayama and meditation yoga practice will aim to refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind with an energetic, mindful approach.

    Hatha Yoga is a combination of asanas (postures) and pranayama (energy control using the breath) built on a foundation of ethics.  This asana practice works towards increased flexibility, strength, balance and improved functioning of body systems.  The morning with begin with a relaxation and yogic breathing practices, with the asana practice increasing in intensity to suit the level of the group and flowing into deeper stretching as the body warms up.  The morning will concluded with a relaxation/ meditation.

    Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

    The afternoon/ early evening session will be a restful and relaxing yin yoga practice followed by yoga nidra or similar relaxation.

    Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing and inwardly focused practice, working into the connective tissues of the body, with a focus on hip and spine mobility.  Yin yoga gives us time to slow down and connect with the body, and to explore the depths of the body and mind.  The yin approach to yoga practice targets tissues of the body that are difficult to affect in more dynamic styles of yoga.  Yin yoga lends itself very well to the practice of mindfulness and introspection so we can transform our practice into a moving meditation and reap the benefits of relaxation, sustained attentional balance and sharpness of mind, as well as cultivating a supple body in a state of ease.

    Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice.  Much like meditation practice, is not a time to  ‘switch off’ and ‘zone out’ but a peaceful, restful state is achieved through a deepened level of awareness.  It is termed ‘yogic sleep’ it can appear as though you are sleeping, but in fact you is highly internally aware, as opposed to our normal mode of being engrossed in the external world.  This practice can lead to feeling more rested and relaxed than actual sleep!


    Meditation is a way to slow down, develop attentional skills and ultimately become familiar with our own minds.   Some of the meditations will touch on the basics of mindfulness meditation, which, with time and practice, will result in a relaxed but very focused, pliant and stable state of mind.  Other meditations will aim to cultivate positive aspects of our mind such as kindness, compassion, patience and wisdom.  The practice of meditation has been clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and the experience of pain, and increase happiness, focus and awareness, to name a few!


    Delicious vegetarian meals have been carefully planned by qualified food coach, Jo Farina, to nourish us as a support for our yoga and meditation practice, and keep us alert and receptive for the information sessions.

    Jo is passionate about eating for health and has planned a menu to fill our bellies and meet all our nutritional needs.   The meals will be largely vegan and gluten free.
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    Jo has offered to discuss any dietary questions you might have, about introducing healthy, balanced eating into your life, with retreatants over the weekend.  To learn more about Jo and food coaching click here.

    Retreat Details

    Redgum Retreat, Dwellingup

    Early price– Twin shared room with private ensuite: $680 per person

    Bookings after 1 July will increase by $50.


    • Three nights accommodation
    • Delicious, healthy, gluten free and vegan option, vegetarian meals – 3 breakfasts, 2 lunch, 3 dinners, tea and snacks prepared by a qualified food coach.
    • Morning hatha yoga and meditation
    • Early evening yin/ restorative yoga and yoga nidra practice
    • Evening meditation
    • Free consult with Jo Farina – accredited food coach

    The retreat starts at 5:30pm on the first evening (Friday) and finishes after breakfast on Monday morning.  You will need to make your own way there, which is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours from Perth.  Please ensure you arrive comfortably at the start time.

    Payment and Bookings 

    Email us to book your place on this retreat.  A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your place.  Full payment is required 4 weeks prior to the retreat start and is not refundable.  New bookings can be made after this time, subject to availability.

    Bookings are limited so please contact us to secure your place

    Terms and Conditions

    By booking you agree to the Terms and Condition found here.

  • Eco Jade Yoga Mats

    jade yoga mat

    Orange, pink, purple, turquoise, light blue, dark blue, black

    A good yoga mat can greatly assist your yoga practice.  These high quality, environmentally friendly yoga mats are made from natural rubber and offer excellent grip, traction, cushioning and resilience.  It is my yoga mat of choice.  I’ve had one for years and it gives me grounded firm support, whilst being soft enough for floor postures.

    Cost $110.  

    Email me your preferred colour and pick up date.

  • Six week beginner course – Thursday 5 July 2018 6-7pm & Sat 14 July 2018 9:45 to 10:45am


    This course is for every body – those new to yoga and those that wish to continue to explore the foundations of the yoga practice.  If you have had a break from yoga, this course will help to get you back into the routine of a regular practice.

    Many students find they like the pace of the beginners class and choose to continue enrolling.  The courses are rolling one after the other with varying focuses, so if you miss a class you will get a similar class the next time the class rolls around within the six weeks.  These courses are structured to give you an overview of foundational yoga practice.

    This course will focus on relaxation and strength building postures, pranayama techniques and meditations, to open your body, and bring clarity, alertness and calm to the mind.

    • Learn the foundational postures of hatha yoga
    • Instructions and adjustments (mostly verbal) are given to bring safe and correct alignment into the postures
    • Basic breathing techniques and how to link those with the movements
    • Explore foundational meditations

    Venue – 64 Banksia Tce Kensington
    Dates: Thursday 5 July,  6-7pm – Rob & Saturday 14 July 2018 – no class 28 July, 9:45 to 10:45am – Jude

    Cost: $102; $90 concession – this pass only valid for 6 week beginner course but can be used for Saturday and/ or Thursday beginners classes.
    Casually $20 or a class pass (10 and 20 passes) welcome if space permits.

    Bookings and conditions: For bookings contact us with your preferred day and time as shown above.  We will confirm the dates with you and request payment to secure your place.  By purchasing these classes you are subject to the terms and conditions found here.