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Gentle Hatha Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga
Shenton Pk
Hatha Yoga
8:30-9:30 am
Hatha Yoga
Kensington – Rob
Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga & Meditation
Beginners welcome
Beginners yoga
6wk Course Start 26 Oct
Kensington – Vanessa
Beginners yoga
6wk Course Start 28 Oct
Kensington – Jude

Kensington ~ Hayagriva Buddhist Centre ~ 64 Banksia Tce Kensington, Perth, Western Australia
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Classes Kensington

Casual:            $20 / $16 (concession)
10 class pass: $170 / $150 (concession)
Three month expiry
20 classes:      $300 / $260 (concession)
Six month expiry

6 Week BEGINNERS course: $102, $90 (conc).  Details here.
Existing 10 and 20 class passes can be used for this course if space permits.

Classes Shenton Park

Term commences 10 October 2017.   This term finishes on 12 December.  Full details can be found here.

One on one classes – $80 per hour session

Read whole page, including terms and conditions, before selecting your class pass.  By making payment you agree to the terms and conditions. Contact us if you would like to pay via online bank transfer.  Online booking and payment coming soon.

Terms and Conditions

  • All classes must be used within the timeframe stipulated.  Class fees are non refundable.  Missed classes can be made up at any other class within the timeframe stipulated, only at the location of purchase
  • Suspension requests due to injury or illness must be submitted via email, with appropriate proof from a doctor or other suitable qualified medical practitioner, as soon as practical and cannot be made more than 4 weeks after the injury or illness, to be considered for card suspension
  • Concession prices apply only to full time students, aged or disability pensions card holders or those receiving unemployment benefits
  • Any illness or injury must be disclosed before each class and any pain or discomfort should be made know to the yoga teacher immediately
  • Payment due on or before your first class
  • No classes on public holidays unless specified
  • Classes at Shenton Park can only be used in Shenton Park and are of longer duration (1.5 hours), hence the prices differences
  • No bookings required for regular classes
  • Relief teachers will take classes from time to time.  No refunds are possible due to changes in teachers

Claim yoga classes with your health fund

Some health funds allow yoga classes to be claimed as part of your package.  Check with your health fund and contact us if you require details from us to make your claim.

Class descriptions

Six week beginner course – level 1

For those new to yoga and those that wish to explore the foundations of the yoga practice. If you have had a break from yoga, this course will help to get you back into the routine.

This course will focus on relaxation and strength building postures, as you are guided through the basic yoga postures, pranayama techniques and meditations, to open your body, and bring clarity, alertness and calm to the mind.

  • Learn the foundational postures of hatha yoga
  • Instructions and adjustments given to bring safe and correct alignment into the postures
  • You will be guided though basic breathing techniques and how to link those with the movements
  • Explore various meditations

Future course dates:  Thursday 26 Oct – Vanessa; 6-7pm & Saturday 28 Oct 9:45 to 10:45am – Rob/Jude

Hatha Yoga – level 2/3

Hatha Yoga is a combination of asanas (postures) and pranayama (energy control using the breath) built on a foundation of ethics. This asana practice works towards increased flexibility, strength, balance and improved functioning of body systems. The class begins with yogic breathing practices, with the asana practice increasing in intensity to suit the level of the class and flows into deeper stretching as the body warms up. The class concludes with a relaxation/ meditation.

Learn the foundations of hatha yoga in a non-judgemental and non-competitive environment in the peaceful setting at Hayagriva Buddhist centre. You will learn to develop mindfulness of your body and mind; breathing techniques that bring alertness in the mind and promote relaxation; basic yoga asanas (postures) that can balance the systems of the body, increase strength and fitness, and relieve stress and tension; and relaxation and meditation techniques to quieten the mind and bring about stillness and peace.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing and inwardly focused practice, working into the connective tissues of the body, with a focus on hip and spine mobility. Yin yoga gives us time to slow down and connect with the body, and to explore the depths of the body and mind. The yin approach to yoga practice targets tissues of the body that are difficult to affect in more dynamic styles of yoga. Yin lends itself very well to the practice of mindfulness and introspection so we can transform our practice into a moving meditation and reap the benefits of relaxation, sustained attentional balance and sharpness of mind, as well as cultivating a supple body in a state of ease.

Postures are initially held, with the use of props, for 3 to 5 minutes to allow for deeper exploration and release of mental and physical tightness. Yin yoga is a complimentary practice to ‘yang’ (dynamic and muscle focused) exercise or yoga. It is a particularly soothing practice during menstruation or injury when a stronger yoga practice is not suitable. A short meditation will conclude the practice.

Gentle Hatha Yoga –  level 1/2

Yoga with a focus on gentle asanas, improving joint flexibility and function, slowing downing, inner reflection and relaxation. Suitable for all, including those with injuries and reduced mobility.